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IDC Discusses Indentureship Centennial with OIA Sec. D. Mulay

IDC Discusses Indentureship Centennial with OIA Sec. D. Mulay

The Indian Diaspora Council (IDC) held discussions on the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Abolition of Indian Indentureship with Shri Dnyaneshwar Mulay, Secretary of Overseas Indian Affairs (OIA) of the Ministry of External Affairs during a brief stop in New York by Secretary Mulay on November 14, 2016. IDC was represented by its president, Ashook Ramsaran.

March 20, 2017 marks the Centennial of the official abolition of Indian Indenturedship, an era spanning 1834-1917. The history and consequences of Indian Indenturedship are deeply embedded with importance, meaningful history and reflections to millions of descendants living in many countries which were the recipients of Indian Indentured labourers: Mauritius, Fiji, South Africa, Reunion Island, Francophone countries, Malaysia, Trinidad, Suriname, Guyana and other countries of the Caribbean; as well as second migration to USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, France, etc.

The discussions centered around OIA’s participation and collaboration with IDC on a series of global events commemorating the centennial and concluding with the Global Indian Diaspora Convention scheduled for 17th – 20th March 2017 in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. In addition, IDC discussed a comprehensive profile of OIA and MEA in upcoming publication “Centennial of Abolition of Indian Indenturedship: End of an Era of Indian Migration, New Frontiers and Achievements”.

Photo: IDC president Ashook Ramsaran & OIA Secretary

IDC Mourns the Passing of Philanthropist George Subraj

IDC Mourns the Passing of Philanthropist George Subraj

Mr. George Sobraj

The Indian Diaspora Council (IDC) joins in solidarity with organizations, institutions, agencies, and individuals in USA, Guyana and other countries in mourning the passing of renowned businessman and philanthropist George Subraj who passed away on Thursday, November 17, 2016 in New York. We express deepest sympathies and condolences to his surviving spouse Nowatee (Gloria), his children, his siblings, extended family, friends and associates.

Born Febrauary27, 1945 in Guyana and from humble beginnings, he migrated to USA and achieved extraordinary levels of business successes along with his brothers. He was the president of Zara Luxury Apartments and Homes in New York and Florida providing affordable apartments. While building and expanding a very successful business enterprise, George Subraj became an icon among the Indo-Guyanese community in New York and in Guyana for his abiding interest and commitment to support charitable causes in Guyana and USA, including medical equipment, supplies, programs and kidney transplant in Guyana.

George Subraj was recognized for his philanthropy and exemplary contributions to charitable and community causes. He was the recipient of numerous citations, recognition and awards in USA, Guyana and India.

“George Subraj was a humanitarian at heart and an exemplary model to many others” said Ramesh Kalicharran, Vice President of IDC and a close associate of George Subraj. “He was a giving person with a tremendous generosity of heart and humility which will always be remembered”, remarked IDC president Ashook Ramsaran. “His many significant charitable contributions, including Guyana Watch Medical Outreach Team, has earned him high respect and recognition in our community and elsewhere” said IDC Vice President Dr. Tara Singh. “George has earned tremendous respect and admiration for his many contributions to society as prominent philanthropist and entrepreneur”, said Deo Gosine, IDC Coordinator Trinidad & Tobago and VP Economic Empowerment.

MOU between IDC and IAGCC (USA)

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Indian Diaspora Council (IDC) and Indo-American Global Chamber of Commerce USA (IAGCC-USA)

The Indian Diaspora Council (IDC) and Indo-American Global Chamber of Commerce USA (IAGCC-USA) have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 5th November 2016 to further their collaborative objectives and mandates individually and collectively recognize that there is considerable scope for mutual cooperation in relation to increasing business opportunities. With an intention to facilitate the economic engagement of the global Indian Diaspora with India, IDC and IAGCC-USA seek to further promote bilateral Indian Diaspora investments and facilitate business partnerships, establish and enhance investment opportunities while providing advisory services to PIO’s and NRI’s.

IDC and IAGCC-USA agree as follows:

  • To cooperate to foster a closer networking between and among the Indian diaspora, and with people and organizations in the Indian diaspora and in India to expand the economic engagement among the Indian diaspora and with India.
  • To facilitate visits of delegations of both organizations and support in the organization of programs, meetings, conferences etc., as deemed appropriate.
  • To facilitate one-to-one interaction between representatives of business and government in India, and in the regions where, IDC and/or IAGCC-USA have presence.
  • To support promotional activities of the three organizations, on mutual consent.
  • To collaborate, support and participate in relevant events and activities of the three organizations, on mutual consent.
  • To conduct joint studies/ surveys/ events in areas of mutual interest.
  • To disseminate information on economic opportunities in India. Furthermore, the websites of both the organizations will be linked for wider dissemination of information for the benefit of Indian diaspora.



Mr. Mridul Pathak

The Indian Diaspora Council (IDC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mridul Pathak as Indian Diaspora Council’s Ambassador, West Bengal.

This appointment takes effect immediately. The term of this appointment is for a period of three (3) years and can be renewed upon request and approval of the Board of Directors of the Indian Diaspora Council. The Indian Diaspora Council’s Ambassador, West Bengal reports directly to the president of Indian Diaspora Council.

The portfolio of IDC’s Ambassador, West Bengal shall include: Engagement on behalf of Indian Diaspora Council of non-resident Indians (NRIs) and persons of Indian origin (PIOs) who are originally from West Bengal or having ancestral roots in West Bengal; liaison with State Government of West Bengal on behalf of Indian Diaspora Council for on-going and planned projects, events and programs in globally and in West Bengal; promote and advance the interest of Indian Diaspora Council in the State of West Bengal, other states in India, the Central Government of India and in other countries where IDC has presence: Mauritius, Fiji, South Africa, Reunion Island, Francophone countries, Malaysia, Trinidad, Suriname, Guyana, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Lucia, and other countries of the Caribbean; as well as second migration of descendants to such places as USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, France, among other countries. We expect that this portfolio of responsibilities to be enlarged to include other areas in the latter half of 2017 as Indian Diaspora Council enhances its outreach, programs and projects.

Indian Diaspora Council recognizes that, while migration from West Bengal continues at an increasing rate, a significant number of Indian indentured laborers came from West Bengal and their descendants have traced their roots to West Bengal. IDC also recognizes that over 90% of all Indian indenture labourers were processed and housed in Kolkata before embarking to the former British colonies. The Kolkata Memorial was inaugurated January 11, 2011 in recognition of those who left India as indenture labourers during the period 1834 – 1920. March 20, 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the official abolition of Indian Indentureship, an era spanning 1834-1917. The Indian Diaspora Council (IDC), in collaboration with several organizations and institutions in various countries, is coordinating a series of high profile global events to mark the centennial of abolition of Indian.

Mr. Pathak’s career began with Government of India civil service (‘66); posted Nigeria (‘73-‘93), promoted to top civil post; Co-Chairman of Indo-American Global Chamber of Commerce (IAGCC) and Conservator of Forests W.P.O. Bhopal M.P. Crisis Management in Critical Tiger Habitat Bandhavgarh; Founded International Foundation for Sustainable Development (IFSD) in 1997 Kolkata and remains a trustee of IFSD; President of Indian Cultural Assoc. Nigeria 83-93; Founder Trustee Indian School and International School ,Port Harcourt, Nigeria 1986; Chairman, Cricket Association, Rivers State, Nigeria; Member Royal Commonwealth Society, London since 1990; Life member, Cultural Association of Bengal, New York and KALLOL, New Jersey; Vice Chairman, North American Bengali Conference (NABC), New York 2005 and Advisor,NABCsince2000 ;Life Member of Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) since2001; formerly GOPIO director of diaspora development; other primarily consultancy or philanthropy to practice sustainable development; semi-retired “philanthro-preneur”.

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