Indian Diaspora Council

Conference in Reunion Island: "IS ENGAGISM A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY?"

The India Diaspora Council — Reunion Island (IDC), in collaboration with Association “Memory of Crève – Cœur” and CIRCI, have concluded an interactive conference titled “L’ENGAGISME A-T- IL ETE UN CRIME CONTRE L’HUMANITE ?” (“Is engagism a crime against humanity?”). The event was held on 30th June, 2017 at 17:30 (5:30pm) at the University of La Reunion, Faculty of Arts and Humanities and moderated by Jean Regis Ramsamy, PhD, Indian Diaspora Council Coordinator of Reunion Island. The keynote speaker was M. Egata-Patche Abady, a distinguished entrepreneur and historian; Book: L’engagisme (coolie-trade) a-til été un crime contre l’humanité (“Coolie trade in Reunion Island was same as slavery”). Other speakers included M. Latchoumanin Michel, Professor of Education.

Egata-Patche Abady
Abady EGATA-PATCHE, Latchoumanin Michel, Ramsamy Jean Regis

Notable attendees included Serge Camatchy, former Vice-president of Region Reunion, and Hon. K. H. Bhati, Consul General of India in Reunion Island. Snacks and hospitality provided by Association “Memory of Crève – Cœur”, IDC International president Ashook Ramsaran remarked that, “IDC considers this and similar conferences as important discussions on the journeys among the Indian Diaspora, its history and sad chapters of inhumanity perpetrated against Indian Indentured labourers during that unforgettable period.” Dr. Jean Regis Ramsamy, Indian Diaspora Council Coordinator of Reunion Island, stated that, “Our conference brought together partnership with IDC, Association “Memory of Crève – Cœur”, and University of Reunion to discuss the crucial topic of “Is engagism a crime against humanity? which is significant to PIOs in Reunion and other countries”.