Indian Diaspora Council

High Achievers Recognition Awards 2017

Criteria & Qualifications

Definition: While it is generally known that a Girmitiya is a descendant of Indian Indentured labourers to Fiji, for this proposal and onwards, a Girmitiya would be defined as a descendant of all Indian Indentured and free labourers who were taken from India to several British, Dutch and French colonies during the periods 1826-1920 under the system of indenture labour.

Objective: To recognize those with outstanding achievements which contribute or have contributed to the welfare and betterment of lives and bring pride, recognition and respect among Girmitya, to recognize, reward and motivate awardees and others.

No Conflict: These recognition awards shall not be in conflict with nor compete with any other organization or country, regional or international awards, policies or regulations.

Type of Recognition:

  • Current High Achievers
  • Posthumous High Achievers
  • Friend of Girmitiya

Criteria & Qualifications:

  • All awardees must have attained outstanding achievements in respective category highly recommended and approved by the Recognition Selection Committee.
  • Use of approved Recognition Nomination Form and conforming to submission deadlines to be considered for qualification.
  • No awardee shall be recognized more than once in respective country, although can be a candidate for the annual international recognition.
  • All awardees must be of good moral character and have earned prior respect and recognition among his/her community and be beyond reproach and with no criminal record.
  • No nominee or awardees shall engage in disputing or disparaging the decision of the Recognition Selection Committee.
  • Nominations do not guarantee selection by the Recognition Selection Committee.
  • All awardees must be present at their respective recognition ceremonies, except for nearest of kin or authorized representative of posthumous awardee.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all awardees and their guests are responsible for his/her own travel and accommodation expenses to receive his/her recognition award.
  • Unless otherwise stated, there shall be no stipend or recognition prize payment to any awardee except the approved recognition mementos.
  • All awardees agree that their respective names, biographies, photos and commentaries can be used for posting on line and publication, and all awardees agree that there shall be no compensation for use of names, biographies, photos and commentaries for the purpose of posting on line and publication.
  • No awardee shall use the recognition award for monetary gain nor cause disrepute or adverse publicity to the organization.

Categories of Recognition:

Academician, writers, historians, diaspora researchers; film & documentary; music & entertainment; media – television, radio, print, periodicals, journalists; Women and Youth/NextGen achievers; Philanthropy & Charity; Cultural, Civic, Community Service, Human Rights Advocates; medical, health, wellness; professional, science & technology; Business – entrepreneur, retail, infrastructure, economists; Sports and athletics (Above categories can be combined to 10 major groups). Friend of Girmitiya and inter-ethnic relations.


  • Once annually in respective countries which choose to participate, scheduled on dates not in conflict with the international recognition date. Countries are as follows: Reunion Island, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Jamaica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Grenada, Belize, St. Lucia, St Vincent, St Kitts, St Croix, Suriname, Nevis, Fiji, South Africa, Seychelles, Malaysia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Canada, Netherlands, France, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore.
  • Countries which have smaller percentage and numbers of Girmitiya may select to forego awards in their countries but participate in the annual international event by submitting nominations from their respective countries.
  • Once internationally at a major event such as global convention. Nominations shall be received from respective countries and awardees most likely selected from those recognized in various countries and those nominated from countries which have not held given recognition awards in their respective countries.

Nominating & Selection Process:

  • Nominations are to be made using the prescribed Recognition Nomination Form and submitted to Recognition Selection Committee in accordance with the procedures, guidelines and deadlines for submission.
  • The review and approvals process shall be conducted by the Recognition Selection Committee in consultation with the governing board of directors for final approval.
  • All nominees shall be informed of the Recognition Selection Committee’s decisions.
  • All awardees shall be informed in a time manner and acceptance shall be requested by a pre-determined date.
  • Should an awardee decline to accept the recognition or is unable to attend, it is the prerogative of the Recognition Selection Committee in consultation with the governing board of directors to reduce the number of awardees for that event of select an alternative from the favourable nominations received.
  • The decision of the Recognition Selection Committee shall be final.
  • Number of country awards for shall be determined by the Recognition Selection Committee in respective country using the same format and procedures, and in accordance with budgets and financial support.
  • Each country shall be responsible for costs too conduct its respective awards recognition event.
  • Number of international awards for shall be determined by the Recognition Selection Committee in consultation with the governing board of directors using the same format and procedures, and in accordance with budgets and financial support.
  • The international awards event shall be financed by global sponsors and respective countries where feasible.
  • Schedules: Nominations; Selection; Approvals; Notification; Acceptance; Confirmation