Indian Diaspora Council


Mr. Oscar Ramjeet

The Board of Directors of the Indian Diaspora Council International (IDC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Oscar Ramjeet as Indian Diaspora Council’s Director, Legal Affairs Committee.

This appointment takes effect immediately. The term of this appointment is for a period of three (3) years, is voluntary and can be renewed upon approval of the Board of Directors of the Indian Diaspora Council. The Indian Diaspora Council’s Director, Legal Affairs Committee reports directly to the Executive Vice President of IDC International.

The portfolio of IDC’s Director, Legal Affairs Committee shall include: Advice, recommendations and updates to IDC on legal matters pertaining to IDC goals, objectives, agenda and activities, working collaboratively with an internationally represented IDC legal team; regular reviews of IDC by-laws, press releases, letters of agreement and memorandum of understanding between IDC and other entities; interaction, liaison and engagement with other legal entities on IDC legal matters; legal approval of new IDC country affiliate applications; review and formulate plans to seek appropriate apologies, atonement, reparations and other means of compensation from British, French, Dutch and other governments and entities on the brutal and inhumane treatment of Indian indentured labourers and their descendants;

Mr. Ramjeet earned LL.B (Honors) from University of the West Indies (1977); Council of Legal Education Certificate from the Caribbean (1993) and Diploma in Journalism and Public Relations from the Federal Republic of Germany. Countries admitted to practice law: Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Montserrat, St. Lucia, British Virgin Islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and also in the Southern District of New York, USA; Admitted in the District of St. Thomas US Virgin Island as an Assistant Attorney General as well as the Third Circuit in 1994 and appeared in two appeals while served as Assistant Attorney General. Solicitor General of Belize, member of Judicial & Legal Service Commission; Immigration attorney; Associate J.S. Archibald & Co. Legal Practitioners, British Virgin Island; Associate J.S. Archibald & Co. Legal Practitioners, British Virgin Island; Registrar/Magistrate in Montserrat; Administrative Law Judge, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands; Legal Counsel, Personnel, Office of the Governor; Assistant Attorney General, US Virgin Island; Solicitor General, St Vincent and Grenadines. Participated in numerous conferences and seminars in UK, Bolivia, Canada, Washington DC and several Caribbean Community (CARICOM) states.

IDC’s Board of Directors firmly believes that Mr. Ramjeet’s vast experience and expertise as well as his shared interests will enhance the goals of IDC globally, and welcomes him to the IDC family.