Indian Diaspora Council

Rita Abraham Appointed Chair of Indian Diaspora Women’s Forum (IDWF)

The Indian Diaspora Council International (IDC) is pleased to announce that Rita Abraham of Durban, South Africa, has been appointed Chair of Indian Diaspora Women’s Forum (IDWF), a division of Indian Diaspora Council International (IDC). The appointment is for a term of three (3) years.

IDC Statement: “The appointment is on the basis of Rita Abraham’s prominent position as a pioneer and globally recognized Indian community leader, and in particular in South Africa with its multi-ethnic community, an ardent advocate of Indian Diaspora engagement, addressing the Indian Diaspora’s interests and concerns, and chair of GOPIO’s Women’s Council, as well founding president of South Africa’s Women’s Forte. We firmly believe that Rita Abraham is uniquely qualified to be Chair, Indian Diaspora Women’s Forum, recognizing her expertise and contributions, her interest and commitment, as well as many years of advocacy for women’s rights and issues of gender equality. We are confident that Rita Abraham will bring an enhanced agenda to the Indian Diaspora Women’s Forum and very successful tenure as an outstanding leader”.

Indian Diaspora Women’s Forum (IDWF)
(A Division of Indian Diaspora Council International)

Objectives of IDWF:
To recognize and address needs and interests of women of the Indian Diaspora, including gender, cultural and empowerment issues which are becoming more visible as the population of women of the Indian Diaspora continues to grow with changing demographics, mobility and migration; To actively engage in collaborative forums for dialogue and exchanges among women of the Indian Diaspora to embrace, engage and enhance their interests and participation all segments of society; To encourage collaboration with women of the Indian Diaspora and other groups, associations and institutions to foster better understanding, cooperation and community service at local, regional and global levels; To establish partnerships with local, regional and international agencies and institutions engaged in promoting the interests of women; To document and promote the history, progress and achievements of women of the Indian Diaspora with articles, publications, works of art, documentaries and films; To convene at least one (1) national or international conference or forum with a specific theme addressing needs and interests of women of the Indian Diaspora. International venues to rotated among the countries of the Indian Diaspora; To recognize women of the Indian Diaspora who have contributed to progress of women of Indian Diaspora and have notable achievements in their respective professions or community service. All awards given the Indian Diaspora Women’s Forum (IDWF) shall be in accordance with IDC’s criteria and policies.