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Rita Abraham’s Christmas Party at Angela Dube’s Orphanage in South Africa

Rita Abraham, a tireless social warrior and champion of the indigent, on 17 December 2017, hosted orphans at Angela Dube’s House as part of her festive season campaign to bring cheer to the poverty stricken communities in and around Durban, South Africa. It was a Christmas Party for HIV and AIDS orphans, including reading the Christmas story, Christmas Carols, gifts for all the children, lunch, treats and food for the holiday season. The children lit up when Ms. Abraham arrived with gifts, food and clothes in what turned out to be a major celebration in a house overwhelmed with love and care.

Angela Dube, who was once a homeless person and who lived in the streets of a township north of the city of Durban, started caring for orphans whose parents had fallen to the HIV/Aids pandemic in South Africa. Ms, Abraham who was then the president of the South African Women’s Forte which she founded almost two decades ago, learned of Angela Dube’s plight and made it a personal endeavor by rallying help develop, furnish and create a home.

“It was at a time when much needed to be done among various communities in Durban. I came across Angela Dube and felt that she needed all the help she could get. The Forte membership joined me in my efforts over the last 4 years and now over the last two years I continued to make a contribution to what has now become known as Angela’s House – it is a beacon home for many children. I will do whatever is necessary and will continue to keep a brief and hopefully, the children will have a comfortable future. Angela Dube needs all the help she can get and I urge people to support this wonderful and courageous woman,” said Ms. Abraham.

Rita Abraham is Chair of Indian Diaspora Women’s Forum (a division of Indian Diaspora Council Int’l).
To participate in Angela Dube’s 2018 program, contact: Rita Abraham at email ID: