Indian Diaspora Council

Support for Relief Efforts for Victims of Floods in Kerala, India

The Indian Diaspora Council International (IDC) and its global affiliates join with other associations and organizations in expressing our concern and urging support for the people of Kerala (India) affected by the recent devastating floods which that have caused numerous deaths, displacement, suffering, pain and anguish. Several local and international news reports have compared this flooding as the worst in Kerala in a century.

Widespread downpours are forecast for the next 24 hours in the region, although rainfall intensity has declined over the past two days, according to a bulletin from the India Meteorological Department. Kerala’s monsoon showers this year have been 41 percent more than normal, contrasting with nationwide rainfall, which is 8 percent below average, the India Meteorological Department said.

IDC commends the efforts being made by the State of Kerala and the Government of India to bring needed desperately relief to the affected citizens to alleviate the difficulties being experienced and for the well-being of its citizens. We urge other countries, as well as local, regional and international relief agencies, individuals, organizations, associations to respond urgently to this disaster and provide needed relief and contributions in a timely manner.


Expressing grief over the unfortunate deaths and damage caused to property due to floods, India’s Prime Minister, Hon. Narendra Modi, observed that rescue of people who are still marooned remains the topmost priority.

“Lot of people are still marooned,” said P. H. Kurian, relief commissioner of Kerala, said, adding thousands were rescued on Saturday. “We will increase the relief efforts”, he said.

IDC urges relief contributions online and desperately needed clothing, materials and non-perishable food by contacting the nearest Indian High Commission or Indian Consulate, or via bona fide international relief agencies such as International Red Cross.